The following members of the community have endorsed my re-election campaign for Berkeley School Board. Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only. Want to add your name to the list?  Just send me an email: ty@tyalper.org.

Berkeley Federation of Teachers (BFT)
Alameda County Democratic Party
Berkeley Democratic Club
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club
East Bay Young Democrats
U.C. Berkeley Progressive Student Association – Our Revolution
Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
IFPTE, Local 21
Alameda Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Alameda Building and Construction Trades Council
Carpenters Local 713
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 595
Iron Workers Local 378
Laborers, Local 304
Operating Engineers, Local No. 3
Plumbers & Steamfitters, Local 342
Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Local No. 104
Evolve California
Oakland/Berkeley Association of Realtors

Robert Reich, Professor, U.C. Berkeley; Former U.S. Secretary of Labor
Nancy Skinner, State Senator
Tony Thurmond, Assemblymember
Jesse Arreguín, Berkeley Mayor
Carole Davis Kennerly, Former Berkeley Vice-Mayor

"Ty will bring a fresh energy and perspective to the Berkeley School Board." -- Robert Reich

“Ty brings a fresh energy and perspective to the Berkeley School Board.” — Robert Reich

Josh Daniels, Berkeley School Board President
Judy Appel
, Berkeley School Board Vice-President
Karen Hemphill
, Berkeley School Board Director
Beatriz Leyva-Cutler
, Berkeley School Board Director
Pamela Doolan
, Former Berkeley School Board President
Irene Hegarty
, Former Berkeley School Board President
Shirley Issel,
Former Berkeley School Board President
Pedro Noguera
, Former Berkeley School Board President
Nancy Riddle,
Former Berkeley School Board President
Joaquin Rivera
, Former Berkeley School Board President
Miriam Rokeach (Topel), Former Berkeley School Board President
John Selawsky
, Former Berkeley School Board President
Elizabeth Shaughnessy
, Former Berkeley School Board President

Lori Droste, Berkeley City Councilmember
Kate Harrison, Berkeley City Councilmember
Linda Maio, Berkeley City Councilmember
Susan Wengraf, Berkeley City Councilmember

Cathy Campbell, President, Berkeley Federation of Teachers
Mary Friedman, Former Executive Director, Berkeley Public Schools Fund
Matt Meyer
, Vice-President, Berkeley Federation of Teachers
L. Karen Monroe
, Superintendent, Alameda County Office of Education
Karen Weinstein
, Trustee, Peralta Community College District Board
Sheila Jordan,
Former Superintendent, Alameda County Office of Education
Neil Smith
, Former Interim Co-Superintendent, Berkeley Unified School District
Jack McLaughlin
, Former Superintendent, Berkeley Unified School District
Flora Russ, Berkeley Teacher (retired after 50 years!)

Mara Kolesas, Berkeley PTA Council President
Dr. Ramona Coates
, Berkeley PTA Council Vice-President
Mimi Pulich
, Berkeley PTA Council Vice-President
Maria Rohlsson
, Berkeley High School PTSA President
Christine Staples, Former Berkeley PTA Council President
Tracy Hollander, Former Berkeley PTA Council President
Cathryn Bruno, Former Berkeley PTA Council President
Mark Coplan, Former Berkeley PTA Council President; Retired BUSD Public Information Officer

Julie Sinai, Chief Strategy Officer, LifeLong Medical Care
Elizabeth Echols
, Chair, Berkeley Children, Youth, and Recreation Commission
Dion Aroner
, Former State Assemblymember
Laurie Capitelli, Former Berkeley City Councilmember
Darryl Moore, Former Berkeley City Councilmember
Matt Haney, Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education
James Chang, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
Leah Simon-Weisberg, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
Igor Tregub, Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
Pamela Webster, Former Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board Commissioner
Ben Gould, Berkeley Community Environmental Advisory Commissioner

Dan Abrahamson, BUSD Parent
Kathy Abrams,
Herma Hill Kay Distinguished Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Demetrios Agretelis
Stephanie Allan
Lynne and Spike Alper
(my parents!)
Noah Alper
Rev. Rachel Anderson
, Chair, Berkeley Public Library Foundation
Rachel Antell
, BUSD Parent
Lynda Arnold
, BUSD Teacher
sujatha baliga
Darrin Banks
, BUSD Parent
Cheryl Berg
, BUSD Parent
Lee Bevis
Sarah Bevis
, BUSD Parent
Debbie Bialosky
, BUSD Parent
Wendy Bloom
Ashley Boyd
, BUSD Parent
Jennifer and Jason Brand
, BUSD Parents
Lauren Snider
Brandt, BUSD Parent
Joan Brannigan, Retired BUSD Teacher
Joseph Brulenski, Retired BUSD Teacher
Jeff Bruno, BUSD Parent
Stephen Bundy
Marilyn Burns, Educator and Founder, Math Solutions
Betsy and Robin Candler, BUSD Parents
Vincent Casalaina, Elected Delegate, California Democratic Party
Elaine Chan, BUSD Parent
Dini Chandra, BUSD Parent
Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, Berkeley Law
Katie Cherbini, BUSD Parent
Jason Cohen, BUSD Parent
Rob Collier, BUSD Parent
Cynthia Colvin
Michelle Contreras, BUSD Teacher
Ruth Cossey, Professor, Mills College School of Education
Catherine Crump, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Daniel Cukierman, BUSD Parent
Mark Cutmore, BUSD Parent
Jacob Dalton, BUSD Parent
Sean Darling-Hammond
Donna Davis, BUSD Teacher
Kathleen Davis, BUSD Teacher
Vicki Davis, BUSD Parent
Carrie Donovan, K-12 Programs Manager
Andy Doran, BUSD Parent
Nazila Duran, BUSD Parent
Miles Ehrlich, BUSD Parent
Malcom Feeley, Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Jose Fernandez, BUSD Parent
Amelia and Bill Fernholz, BUSD Parents
Barry Fike, Former President, Berkeley Federation of Teachers
David Fisher, BUSD Parent
Robb Fisher
Catherine Fisk, Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Nicole Fitzhugh, BUSD Parent
Abby Friedman, BUSD Parent
Steve Gere, BUSD Parent
Cynthia Goetting, BUSD Parent
Anna Goldstein, BUSD Parent
Teri Goodman, Berkeley High Lead Counselor
Josh Gutwill, Director of Visitor Research and Evaluation, Exploratorium
Monica Gyulai, BUSD Parent
Kate Hallward, BUSD Parent
Alison Hardy
Asha Harikrishnan, BUSD Parent
Henry Hecht, Lecturer in Residence, Berkeley Law
Valerie Herr
Kinch Hoekstra
, Chancellor’s Professor of Political Science and Law, U.C. Berkeley
Dana Holtzman
, BUSD Parent
Lee Horowitz, BUSD Parent
Patricia Plunkett Hurley, Professor of Legal Writing, Berkeley Law
Ellen Irie, BUSD Parent
Carol Jekabson
Erik Jekabson
Jeff Jue
, Berkeley High Boys Tennis Coach
Billy Karp
Alice Kaswan
, BUSD Parent
Sonia Katyal,
Chancellor’s Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Sean Keller
, BUSD Teacher
Alison Kelly
, BUSD Teacher
David Kelly
, BUSD Parent
Rosina Keren
, BUSD Counselor
David Kerr
, BUSD Parent
Nancy King
, BUSD Teacher
Grace Kong
, BUSD Parent
Ari Krantz
, BUSD Parent
Valerie Kratzer
, BUSD Parent
Laura Kurre
, Training Director, California Federation of Teachers
Margot Kushel, BUSD Parent
Anne Lackey, BUSD Parent
Tashana Landray
Anna Lappe
, BUSD Parent
Nicole Drake Lau
Sonja Lenz-Rashid
, BUSD Parent
Cindy Leung
, BUSD Parent
Tamara Lerner
, BUSD Grandparent
Stacey Lewis
, BUSD Parent
Linda Lipner
Deirdre Loungway, BUSD Parent
Erin McMahon Lyman, BUSD Parent
Jake Lyman, BUSD Parent
Chris Markus
, BUSD Parent
Amanda Marini
, BUSD Teacher
Mel Martynn
, BUSD Teacher
Paz Melendez-Canales
, BUSD Parent
Rachel and Dave Metz
, BUSD Parents
Hasmig Minassian, Teacher, Berkeley High School
Suzanne McCulloch, Former BUSD Visual and Performing Arts Supervisor
Saira Mohamed, Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Rikki Moreno, BUSD Nurse
Calvin Morrill, BUSD Parent and Stefan A. Riesenfeld Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Kate Mountain, BUSD Parent
Arlan Murillo, BUSD Parent
Allen and Pamela Nudel, BUSD Parents
Michael O’Heaney, Executive Director, The Story of Stuff Project
Ann O’Leary
Thom Opal
, BUSD Parent
Matt Orebic, BUSD Parent
Joy Osborne
Carmen Padron, BUSD Parent
Wick Pancoast, BUSD Parent
Dave Parnall, BUSD Parent
Crystal Paschel, BUSD Teacher
Linda Pazdirek
, BUSD Parent
Margot Pepper
, BUSD Teacher and Author
Lori and Doug Perlstadt
, BUSD Parents
Carol Perez
, BUSD Parent and Longfellow PTA President
Claudia Polsky, Director, Environmental Law Clinic, Berkeley Law
Bill Pratt
, BUSD Teacher
Alma Prins
, BUSD Parent
Rich Proulx
, BUSD Parent
Angela Reed
, BUSD Teacher
Tali Reicher
, BUSD Parent
Diane Resek, Professor Emerita of Mathematics, San Francisco State University
Abby Rezneck, BUSD Parent
Alice Robinson, BUSD Parent
Josh Room, BUSD Parent
Andrea Roth, BUSD Parent
Bill Savidge
Andrea Scher, BUSD parent
Carla Schneiderman
Julie Searle
, BUSD Teacher
Maggie and Contee Seely
Ali and Max Sell
, BUSD Parents
Lucinda Sikes, BUSD Parent (1999-2017)
Gail Silverstein, Clinical Professor of Law, U.C. Hastings College of the Law
Bruce Simon, Co-Chair, BUSD Planning & Oversight Committee
Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Science Director, Greater Good Science Center, U.C. Berkeley
Thomas Sinsheimer, BUSD Teacher
Shawn Slate, BUSD Parent
Scott Sparling, BUSD Parent
Bobbie Steinhart
Sarah Sugarman, BUSD Parent
Deirdre Tansey
, BUSD Parent
Debbie Taylor
, BUSD Parent
Lynne and Joham Tavera, BUSD Parents
Caroline Todd
Gail and Pete Todd (my in-laws!)
Richard Topel
Preston Tucker
, BUSD Parent
Molly Van Houweling
, Professor of Law, Berkeley Law
Seth Wachtel, BUSD Parent
Janine Waddell, BUSD Teacher
Chaghig Minassian Walker, BUSD Parent
Melissa Weintraub
Karen Wells
, BUSD Teacher
Pam Wilder
, BUSD Parent
Carrie Wilson, Executive Director, Mills Teachers Scholars
Allison Wren, BUSD Parent
Daria Wrubel, Former BUSD Garden Teacher and Classified Union Organizer
Ray Yep, Berkeley Public Works Commissioner
Denise Yip, BUSD Parent
Dana Zell, BUSD Parent
Ellen and Irving Zucker
Jonathan Zucker
, BUSD Parent