Profile in the Daily Cal about the campaign

The U.C. student newspaper, The Daily Californian, ran a profile of my school board campaign in today’s paper.  I appreciate the kind words in the article from my supporters:

Carrie Wilson, executive director at Mills Teacher Scholars — an organization that helps train teachers — has worked with Alper on the school governance council and commended his ability to recognize the complexity of issues affecting the school community.

“Ty is able to acknowledge that learning is complex, and, therefore, able to push conversations that question, among other things, the use of standardized test to measure student learning,” Wilson said in an email.

Alper is endorsed by the Berkeley Federation of Teachers and the Berkeley Council of Classified Employees.

“I’m personally really excited, because I feel like he is bringing some new ideas and innovation to the conversation around the school board,” said Dana Blanchard, a member of BFT’s executive board. “It’s always a good thing to have fresh voices.”

By the way, I have a special fondness for the Daily Cal because when I worked on the Berkeley High Jacket, we shared a printer with them.  The printer was in Fremont, so, on deadline night, if we finished in time, we would bring the hard copy proofs to the Daily Cal offices, and they would drive our pages down to the printer for us.