Diane Ravitch weighs in

Diane Ravitch has had a fascinating career.  A former top policy maker for President George H.W Bush, she was once a strong proponent of No Child Left Behind and the charter school movement.  Diane RavitchShe eventually became disillusioned with punitive measures that weakened public schools, narrowed curricular offerings, and failed to achieve equity in educational opportunities and outcomes.  She is now one the most visible national advocates for public education, and certainly the most vocal national critic of our current high-stakes standardized testing culture.

I was thrilled to see the other day that she had chosen to spotlight one of my blog posts on her own blog.  Her post concluded:

Ty is a graduate of the public schools in Berkeley, so is his wife. Both his parents worked in public schools.  I bet he would be a great addition to the Berkeley school board.

Thanks Diane!


As I said on my Facebook page (which you should “like” if you want to stay current on the campaign), I am honored just to know these five extraordinary women – Maria Echaveste, Sujatha Baliga, Mai Linh Spencer, Matilde Merello, and Carrie Wilson – let alone have their support in my run for school board.  Below is a three minute video with short clips from each of them.